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Sora-myeon Hope Sharing Coalition Fund Donation 3 million won

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On December 15, 2023, Hi-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. (CEO Jang Yung) donated 3 million won to the
"Sharing Together, Double Happiness! Relay Fund for Sharing Hope in Sora-myeon."

Hi-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd., a company that operates projects in petrochemical, energy, and
environment from design to construction, is taking the lead in sharing every year for the underprivileged
and local residents.

CEO Jang Yung said, "I hope it will be a little helpful to the marginalized neighbors in the community," and added,
"I will actively participate in finding and helping neighbors in the region."

The donation donated on this day will be delivered to the Sora-myeon Community Security Council through
the Community Chest of Korea, and will be used for welfare blind spots and village welfare projects.

Jeong Yong-gil, head of Sora-myeon, said, "I would like to thank CEO Jang Yung for participating in the
sharing practice of thinking about local residents and living together."
"We will continue to do our best to spread the value of sharing through cooperation between the public and private sectors."


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