Modularization & 3D Scanning

Modularization is a construction method that divides the whole plant into the construction block modules which makes the manufacturing, transporting and constructing process easier and reduces the construction period and saves the cost of the plant. This is a manufacturing method that can guarantee high productivity, high quality and work stability.

In particular, plant modularization is an advanced technology that performs unified management from design/purchase/production/transport by grafting modularization technology developed in the manufacturing industry of ships, automobiles, and electronic products into the plant industry.

Hi-Tech Engineering possesses not only 3D Modeling & Analysis, which is the basis of modular design, but also the technology to convert our own 3D Scanning to 3D Modeling. We are a specialized company that performs modular design by correcting the errors between the manufacturing plant of the module and the site to be installed.

3D Scanning & Modeling
- Correction of errors in production/installation of sites and shops as a core technology of the modularization method
- Resolving inconsistency and interference between machinery, piping and structures
- Reduction of construction period and cost by minimizing repair
- Check deformation during module production, site transport/installation failure and interference
- Correction of tie-in errors between module and site facilities