HI_TECH Engineering practices ethical management.

HI_TECH Engineering does its best to ensure transparency and fairness in all its work by protecting the interests of the organization,
its members and stakeholders by preventing unethical practices or minimizing damages in corporate management and business activities.

Protection of informants

- No information is disclosed to inform the informer without his/her consent, and any disadvantages arising from his/her failure to comply will be reinstated and equivalent to such responsibility.

Protection target

- In principle, the informer will be protected if he or she submits his or her real name and accurate evidence, and the information on the relevant stakeholders will be thoroughly protected.

Protection for informants

- an information status
- Evidence or related collection information
- Items that may imply the person to whom the consultation
- Results of processing of information and measures, etc.

Processing result

- The information will be delivered to the CEO in real time without being stored in a separate system.
- If you report any irregularities related to yourself, you will be legally dealt with through normal consideration.