Safety is a top prioity for protecting our lives, health and property.

Safety is the prioity to protect our lives, health and property from industrial accidents, social disasters, and natural disasters.
Our mission is to take responsibility for our own safety from disasters by establishing a safety culture inour daily lives.
We must make the following commitment and practice inorder to create zero accidents without ever compromising on safety.

1. We must practice safety-first management in all work performance and
     actively participate in safety culture activilitys.
2. We must improve the hazardous/dangerous work enviroment to keep
     the work enviroment safe for all workers.
3. Safety must be ensured through systematic maintenance and thorough
     safety inspection of facilities.
4. We must do our best to prepare for various disaters and establish a rapid
     response and recovery system.
5. Safety is life and life itself. You must protect your own safety.

HI_TECH Engineering CEO

Hi-Tech Engineering CSO (Cheif Safety Officer)