MVR(Mechanical Vapor Recompression) SYSTEM

It is a mechanical steam recompression system that maximizes energy recovery by using low-pressure steam or waste low-pressure steam generated by exchanging low-temperature waste heat generated in the production process with an evaporator to the pressure required for the process through MVR.


MVR SYSTEM Basic Configuration

① Evaporator: A device that makes steam by contacting waste heat (evaporation latent heat) generated in the reactor with water.
② MVR (Compressor): A device that boosts the low pressure steam from the evaporator to the required pressure in the process.

- Application criteria
Temperature : Waste heat or hot water above 67 ℃
Steam Pressure Inlet : -0.73 kg / ㎠G min.
Steam Pressure Outlet : 40 kg / ㎠G max
- Compression Ratio : 1.5 ~ 1.8 times / 1 stage

- Benefit
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effect and Securing
Carbon Emissions through Waste Heat Recovery
Utilizing waste hot water and waste steam as
energy sources for the production Reduction of
production unit cost by energy saving