RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) SYSTEM

Technology that incinerates by applying the method of directly heating and cooling the ceramic heat storage material by recovering waste heat of exhaust gas in order to burn VOC(Volatile Organic Compound)


After adsorbing the high-flow gas at low concentration through the zeolite-coated Rotor Concentrator, the adsorbed concentrated gas is sent to the RTO by blowing the gas in small volume

- Application criteria
VOC inflow concentration range : 100 to 2,000 ppm
Capacity : 30 ~ 15,000 ㎥ / min
Operating Temperature : 800 ~ 900 ℃
Auxiliary Fuel : LPG, etc

- Benefit
Substantial fuel cost reduction (LPG / Diesel)
By combining with RC (Rotor Concentrator) facility,
① low investment cost by small sized post-processing facility
② stable operation of post-processing facility