WWT(Waste Water Treatment) SYSTEM

Wastewater treatment system combines physical, chemical, and biological methods to remove toxic and harmful substances from wastewater from factories, cities, etc. and discharge them to certain acceptable water quality.


- High concentration organic wastewater treatment
Microbial treatment using high efficiency bacteria

- High concentration nitrogen wastewater treatment
One step upgraded geooxidation/denitrification system,
Stable management of nitrifying bacteria that are weak to external shock

- High Salt Wastewater Treatment
Removing the salt from the waste water by biological way combining with the evaporation method.

- Sulfur-containing wastewater treatment
Biological way to remove high concentrations of sulfur

- Benefit
Significantly reduce investment cost and land area
Reduce operating and maintenance cost
10 times higher processing capacity than conventional activated sludge type
Environmentally friendly process without secondary pollution